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Google Fi is a U.S. based carrier that operates on T-Mobile, US Cellular, and legacy Sprint towers. It is a unique carrier in that any Pixel devices you have on the network can automatically switch between the three carriers giving you the best signal possible. These Pixel devices also give you the ability to have a free, built-in, VPN, automatic switching between Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular data with Wi-Fi Calling enabled to give you even better coverage when you are out. The best part about Google Fi is their roaming coverage. You can roam for longer than most other U.S. carriers in more countries. That is what caused Google Fi to catch on so quick when it was released back on March 7, 2016, with the Pixel and Pixel XL devices. If you want to learn more about Google Fi, ComputerWorld has a fantastic FAQ article.

That’s about all that Google Fi is good for. If you do about anything else, use an iPhone or Samsung device, stay overseas for 6 months or longer, contact support, etc. Google Fi breaks down and becomes your worst nightmare.

Just read these titles:

Not everyone has bad experiences though…

The reason for this disparity is because these are the posts I found when browsing the Google Fi Subreddit under “new” and “hot”. Most of these were found under “new” and I believe the oldest one was less than a week old from this post.

As you can see, most people are posting about all the issues they had, some incredibly ridiculous issues that T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, more than likely, would not have or at least if they did, you could visit a store and talk to someone in person.

People keep choosing them because they have some fairly good plans.

Lines Unlimited PlusSimply UnlimitedFlexible
1 line$70 per line ($70)$60 per line ($60)$20 per line (Minimum bill $10)
$10 per GB, Protection at 6GB (Maximum bill $80)
2 lines$60 per line ($120)$45 per line ($90)$18 per line (Minimum bill $35)
$10 per GB, Protection at 10GB (Maximum bill $135)
3 lines$50 per line ($150)$30 per line ($90)$17 per line (Minimum bill $50)
$10 per GB, Protection at 12GB (Maximum bill $170)
4 lines$45 per line ($180)$30 per line ($120)$17 per line (Minimum bill $65)
$10 per GB, Protection at 14GB (Maximum bill $205)
5 lines$45 per line ($225)$30 per line ($150)$16 per line (Minimum bill $80)
$10 per GB, Protection at 16GB (Maximum bill $240)
Google Fi plans as of December 5, 2021

They are competitive pricing and the ability to use Fi overseas is the second biggest reason people keep choosing it.

These benefits are not enough to justify the lazy Customer Service that Google offers with their Fi service. Most of the replies to those negative posts above are about how the representatives reply robotically and read off a script. When I say reply, that is because they do not offer a phone support option anymore, it is strictly chat and email. Which makes this service even worse. Google removed the phone support sometime last year during the pandemic and doesn’t care enough to add it back in.

So, not only are you with a carrier where you have to be tech savvy enough to do everything yourself but even troubleshooting is harder when you do have issues because you are just reading from a chat box or email and you must wait for an email that sometimes takes up to 72 hours for you to receive.

Overall, Google Fi needs to not be a thing. If you join you could be looking at more tough times than good times. That’s why I say AVOID GOOGLE FI AT ALL COSTS!

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