CARROT Weather: Why I pay for it and will always pay for it.

CARROT Weather

This is an interesting topic that I never thought about posting though I know a lot of people who aren’t technologically inclined do not know that there are alternate apps to the default ones that come on iPhones or Android devices and CARROT Weather is one of them. It comes with tons of features too.

Features as described on its website.

These features are not unique to weather apps, what is, is the second one, it’s personality. Here are some examples of that personality in action.

This is how it appears on my iPhone 11. The right is the widget and the left is the app itself. Inside the app you can see the share button in the top left, that allows you to share screenshots like I did here where it redacts the location for anonymity. You can also get achievements for things like customizing the app, going to several places in the world, having certain kinds of weather in your area as well as finding things with clues around the map.

The personality is the best and you can set it to be whatever you’d like it to be. I have mine to be centrist and as violent as possible. Right now it is tame but other times it can be pretty bad and hilarious.

If you are an Apple Watch user and are curious, what that looks like, here have a screenshot. 🙂

You can see it gives you the alerts at the top, as well as the chance of rain, current temperature, and then you can set it to show the personality next or a readout of the weather. When you scroll down you can see daily weather and change the sources and locations. This is not my current location but it is somewhat near me. I wanted to show it to share how it would look if there were alerts in your area.

This is how it would look normally without any alerts. This is my current city.

You can see I have mine set to show when sunset is, the current moon and the pollen count which is N/A because the source I’m using (Dark Sky) does not provide that. I switched to AccuWeather and that is a 3. Different sources provide different reliability in your area though. My top ones are The Weather Channel and AccuWeather so I will probably swap to that. You can check the best sources for your area on Forecast Advisor‘s website. You can see for the last month or all of last year.

With all of the features as well as the reliability and availability of all of the sources, this is why I use CARROT as my default weather app. Though there are some cons to it, the biggest one being the price. CARROT weather offers several different tiers through their app, depending on the features you want/need.

I use the Premium Ultra which is the highest tier they offer. It is only for me so I spend $30/year for just me to use the app.

You can see the other options to the left. This is as of the posting of this article (6 February 2022). If you click the image, that will make it bigger.

The image below tells you the differences in all of these options and comes from the FAQ within the app.

I can’t think of any other negative besides the price because it can get expensive. What do you think of CARROT weather? Do you like it? Would you pay for a weather app?

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