iPhone 11 & Apple Watch Series 5 Review in 2022

iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5

I have been using my iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5 for over 2 years now and I want to give you my thoughts as an obsessed tech fan.

To preface this, I want to say that before I met my husband 3 years ago, I was upgrading my phone around once a month to a new Android or iPhone trying out all the devices. My last Android phone was the Note 9 and this iPhone 11 has been my last Apple device. I won’t say that I regret doing this with my phones, but I will say it was a good learning experience and I hope other people don’t fall into the trap and do this themselves.

I decided to stick with my iPhone 11 because, like with all Apple devices, it just works. The ecosystem between my iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone is fantastic and the way Apple devices work is so simple and easy to use. My extended family all have Android devices with the exception of 2-3 of them. My husband and I are the only two on iPhones. The rest of my family all vehemently detest (yes to that degree) iPhones because they don’t understand them and think they are too simple… even though they don’t use even a quarter of the features that Android phones have to offer but that is an argument for another day.

I have thought about switching away from iOS/Apple several times as I use a WIndows PC to program on and connecting a Samsung to it is as simple as an app. When I think about that though, I think about the multitude of issues that myself, my mom, and my sister all experience while using Samsung devices:

  • Inconsistent Battery Life. Some days it would last forever and other days it would die super quick.
  • Apps/Widgets don’t look and work as consistently as they do on iOS. Meaning that they all look different and buttons are in different places so you have to learn all the buttons for each app and if you are a girl or just like your phone to look aesthetically pleasing you have to download an app like KWGT or similar to get your widgets to look how you want it.
  • Updates take forever to come out as they have to pass through the carriers and Samsung before they get to you.
  • Phone overheats incredibly easy.
  • Curved Displays. These cause tons of issues with my sister who breaks her phone enough with a flat display let alone a curved one.

My iPhone 11 may not last (battery wise) as long as it did when we first got our iPhone 11s 2 years ago but the phone still functions similarly to when we bought it with the exception of the bugs that Apple has introduced with their software updates.

My Apple Watch still lasts me over 2 days with battery life as long as I have the Always on Display off. I don’t need that display on all of the time anyway. I have an Amazon Echo + Computers in my office and then I have the time and date on my iPad & iPhone as well. I really only need my watch to track my heart rate, fitness (steps, exercise and water intake with Waterminder), and to use when I want to run to the store but not bring my phone, or go on a run and not bring my phone. I don’t do those last two options that often but it is nice to have that option.

Would I buy them refurbished/used in 2022? It really depends on who is using it. If it was for someone like my mom, husband, sister etc. who don’t use most features on the phones, then yes. They will be perfectly happy with one or both of these devices. If it is someone like me who uses most of the features on Apple devices, no. I’d recommend the 12 or waiting for the 14. The 13 isn’t that much of an upgrade over the 12 so I don’t recommend it. The 14 is all still rumors and who knows what is going to be true in 2022.

So there you have it. What do you think of these devices? What devices do you use? Let me know in the comments down below.

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