So, you may have noticed some downtime with the website around the week of February 24th, 2022. That is because my old host, hostinger, deleted my VPS without saying a word to me and then took 2 days to get it back up. So I had a few days of downtime and almost a week of me trying to get it back to where it was.

I have a business site I am working on getting up. If that had been taken down while it was live, I could have lost orders, receipts, A LOT of important information. I’m glad I didn’t have that happen but it easily could have happened and hostinger is refusing to take ownership and refusing to provide a refund for this.

This is the latest email I received as of the writing of this post.

Hey there Erin! I hope this message finds you well.

I would like to start this message by thanking you for your patience so far, I’m here to speak on behalf of our Compliance team about your latest request.

We have gathered all the information on your request in order to make our final decision, and this is what we have learned:

On November 27th, 2020, you have purchased a Premium Shared Hosting that you, later on decided to refund to your account’s balance, and on December 06 you used the credit to purchase a VPS1 for 12 months.

– 8 days after this purchase, you again refunded your payment for the VPS1 plan back to your account’s balance, the reason why you decided to refund in the first place was that you realise the VPS 1 didn’t have enough RAM power for what you needed, so you already meanted upgrading to VPS3 to other agents;

– Then on December 14th, you proceeded to purchase your VPS1 plan for 48 months (invoice # here) with Paypal and this payment was also refunded on December 15th;

– Now in January 2021, you purchased yet another VPS 1 plan (invoice # here), this time for 24 months, from January to October you were satisfied and used your VPS for the many months to come.

Now this is where the confusion starts.

In September 2021, you asked us “How much of a credit would I receive if I switched to shared hosting for multiple websites?”, you were referencing your purchase made on January 2021, meaning you were 7 months past our Refund period of 30 days, considering switching plans, and to please you we were prepared to make an exception for you, to which you responded:
“I will keep everything as is then. Thank you.”

On October 13th, you bought another VPS 1 for 48 months (invoice # here) and on the next day, you came to us to request that the 24 months of the VPS 1 (invoice # here) that you purchased back in January, were added to your VPS 1 expiration date, which was done, 2027.

Now on November 14, one day after the refund period had ended, you request a refund for the payment of the VPS 1 of 48 months, not only that, you asked us to refund you this payment and to keep your VPS 1 active with the remaining time of the first payment made in January, which we once againa ccepted your request and made an exception for you by refunding your payment, and your VPS 1 was updated to March 2024, when it should have been updated back to January 2023.

On December 24 you came to us, once again, asking to refund the remaining time of your VPS 1 plan back to your account, so you could purchase the Premium Hosting, but this meant to refund the payment made on January 2021, which we, of course, couldn’t make, and we explained why to you. You insisted and we opened a request that this decision was made directly by the Billing team, who also agreed that no refund would be approved, even to balance, as this situation had already extended itself for long enough.

On December 27, we spoke and I directly explained to you all the actions that led to this decision and you understood.

Then on January 21, you made another attempt to exchange your VPS 1 plan for a Premium Shared hosting plan, which my colleague then follow up your request and activated a Premium plan for you, only for you to return on Feb 21 to say:
“Hello, I am having a lot of issues with the shared hosting. It is very slow and my websites go down and I am just very unhappy and I want my VPS back. I regret moving to the shared hosting.”

Ad we, once again, did what you requested, canceled the Premium Shared Hosting, and activated the VPS 1 for you.

2 days later, on February 23 you returned saying “I want a refund on my VPS NOW. I want to speak to a supervisor NOW.”, at this point my colleague mistakenly stated that a refund would be processed and canceled your VPS, but once the Billing Team checked your history, no payment was refundable anymore. You may state that this mistake has negatively impacted you, but there were other mistakes made, due to the confusion created, that benefited you, like the over-extension of your hosting plan, which we were inclined to let go of.

So your VPS was again activated and you requested either compensation, although your VPS already had an expiration date of 1 year and 3 months longer than it should’ve, or a refund, which we cannot provide for reasons already mentioned.

I would like to bring your attention that we have been more than understanding and helpful towards your wishes during this whole time, bending our rules and making exceptions for you, refunding you a payment that was no longer under the refund period (the invoice # that was ONE DAY outside the policy here) and this can not continue to happen.

We value you as our customer and we have dedicated ourselves to supporting your needs to the maximum of our capacities, which is why I say that it will no longer be possible to make any exceptions, neither for a refund nor a change of plants, and this is the final decision.

I would also like to add that if you like to contest this decision, or has any doubts about it, our compliance team will be more than happy to help you with it, just write back to them in the email “[email protected]”.

Please be aware that their work will only resume next Tuesday and they work on a priority basis, so their reply may take 48-72 hours to be received.

Once again, we appreciate your patience and wish you a nice day!

Isabel from Hostinger – NOT a manager.

So this is a lot to unpack. First, yes, I know I went back and forth. I know it is annoying to do that, but it is isn’t difficult. It is a flick of a few switches, that’s it. Everything I switched between was virtual. I wasn’t using a dedicated server where something hardware related had to be set up, it was all software.

The refund was ONE DAY outside the policy and I am pretty sure I asked on the last day of the policy BUT they took that long to respond. So that isn’t on me.

The retraction of the extension, was not on me either. Yes, I benefited from that, but I shouldn’t be penalized for that as well. It wasn’t my mistake, it was theirs, and they stole it back.

A friend I was talking to said this:

It shouldn’t matter if you go between plans or even shared and VPS, they should provide an adequate level of support and a minimum standard of management for their organization that they’re not providing.  The fact you can’t escalate the situation is proof positive of that. Shockingly bad service.

Wow, so they couldn’t even muster up a copy/paste slap in the face from management, just a random support team member who gets to face the fires that management should be facing. Top quality leadership there.

Crystal from ForumPromotion

I 100% agree with all of it, which is why I am posting this EVERYWHERE. I have updated my review on Trust Pilot back when this started the end of February and I am posting this here in hopes more people see it.

I can’t believe I haven’t even been able to speak to a manager through all of this. It is always the support representatives, I have never been able to talk to anyone important.

There is no phone number to call. Just emails that are glorified live chats. They just forward to their live chat software.

Support always takes 20-30 minutes to respond. It is rare that I get a response that they are even looking into my questions within 10 minutes.

Support is overall just utter trash.


Update 5 March 2022: I decided to look at all of the negative reviews on Trustpilot because I remembered they invited me to review there and I recently updated my review (when this all started). Wow, I wish I would have read these when I started. When Hostinger crashes, it burns. So badly.

Here are some important reviews:

Worst service ever!

On we host our website on VPS server. Our industry include competition from IT space which are reporting our VPS for having malware on website. Hostinger is suspending our website every-time they receive (anonymous) email from competition causing us loosing over 5k€ in sales to this date! After asking what malware our SIMPLE website include they only say

“I’ve checked on the report and it only provides the details that your IP contains malware.”

They are suspending VPS based on words of same “anonymous” guy without evidence!!

BTW: there is no malware on our website, so if you want to save lot of time dealing with support and loosing lot of money buy VPS anywhere else. 🙂

Artur Skolak on 23 February 2022

The support is almost null

In my 4 years with this company, I can say I am ready to leave, and migrate to another provider. So many things are changed, to wrong direction.
Support is almost null:
– Doesn’t have phone number to call (everything is chat).
– When you try to chat, every time appears the same message: All specialists are busy.

Don’t respect default payment method, and charges you in the card that they want.
When you request a refund, they never do it. Have 1000 excuses for don’t give your money back.

Oscar Morales on 23 February 2022

This next one is especially concerning because if it wasn’t for their review on Trustpilot, Hostinger may not have replied at all… Completely infuriating.

Payments were withdrawn from my bank prior to the subscription period.
The site has been suspended for no reason.
The technical support is very bad and there is no experience, they did not provide any justification for stopping the site, and when I asked them about the payments, I did not receive any answer, the conversation lasted more than five hours, I asked them a question and waited hours and then I got a short, incomprehensible answer without any clarification or solution to the problem .
As of writing this review my issue has not been resolved or my questions answered.

M.Jandall on 13 February 2022

As you can see, these are all within DAYS of me posting mine. You can read all of them on Trustpilot’s website. I’m not sure if their management changed recently or what happened. There are 15 pages of 1 star reviews that backup my claims. Hostinger is a BAD company. STAY AWAY.

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