What I carry in my purse as a tech enthusiast: January 2022

I love watching all of the videos out there about what I carry in my bag so I can see what other people find valuable or useful. I’m going to be doing the same thing today. I’m not going to bore you with the obvious stuff like sanitary products but I will show you the wallet that I use as well as anything else I find useful.

While this isn’t my whole purse, this is the most interesting part because it is the part with the tech. The picture above shares and displays all of the Apple Watch bands I have. I have quite a few. I bought the black velcro band with my watch when I bought my watch. The rest are from friends and family beside the Pink Blast Nike band, that I purchased from someone on OfferUp.

I may also carry my iPad Pro around with my Apple Pencil. I have the 2017 iPad Pro 256gb and it still works extremely well.

I carry everything inside this Vera Bradley purse. It is my favorite purse by far and it is water resistant. I have tested this in horrible downpours while running at Universal and everything inside was completely dry. I am impressed.

What do you carry around?

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