Windows 11: The Good & The Bad

Windows 11

Update 6 February 2022: My printer now works with Windows 11 and some of the other bugs seem to have passed. I have been using it for a while and I don’t have very many issues now. I can now recommend Windows 11 to anyone that decides to use it.

I have been working with Windows 11 for a little over a month now and I wanted to share my thoughts on the good and the bad about Windows 11.

I will preface this by saying I have been a dedicated Windows user since Windows 95. My parents all owned Windows computers and that’s all I’ve known growing up and all I’ve ever used.

The Good

I’m going to start by writing them in a list and then I will expand on what I feel I need to add more detail to.

  • Rounded corners on all windows
  • All windows now match each other.
  • Terminal/PowerShell is now easier to get into.
  • Desktop switcher is now more easily accessed (on the taskbar on every monitor)
  • Widgets are useful sometimes

The rounded corners on all of the windows feels more modern to me and while this is personal preference, I thing it improves the look of Windows overall.

With Windows 11 updating the look of all the windows, you now no longer have some windows that are round and others that are square. Everything matches and looks better.

You can now right click on the desktop to open terminal. This is especially useful for myself who works on Discord Bots and needs to access the Terminal or PowerShell daily to SSH into my VPS to work on it. You can also have PowerShell auto open with Windows, so it is always ready, which is what I do.

Taskbar Settings Windows 11

I don’t use it much but the desktop switcher being on the bottom is great for non-power users that just want their desktop screens organized and only want to see some things on one screen and other screens on other ones. I don’t see very many people using this and it can be turned off in the Taskbar settings by right clicking on the blank space in the taskbar and pressing on settings. You can see my current settings on the image on the left.

I use the Widgets pain to quickly look at the weather outside, traffic and the next MLS game. That’s really all they are good for. I may read over the news articles on the left side and click on them once or twice though for the most part I don’t even pay much attention to the pain in my day-to-day life.

The Bad

I’m going to start the same way.

  • Taskbar items are collapsed by default with no way to expand them to see each window open.
  • Without pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE or pinning the app to your taskbar there is no straightforward way to get into task manager to force quit an app now.
  • Pinned apps is still useless but at least it is taking up less space now.
  • No way to get rid of the “Recommended” apps in the start menu. It is always there taking up space.
  • My HP Envy 5012 Printer no longer works with my Windows 11 PC. Not sure why but I can connect to it but nothing prints. Even when I connect via IP. WPS does not seem to be an option anymore and the printer does not come up on the list automatically. Even Wi-Fi Direct does not work as an option. It worked fine on Windows 10.

As you can see, I have a lot more negatives than positives. This is just how it works for me and my workflow.

I used to have items expanded on my computer so I could see each browser window I had open, yes it was mostly just for the browser as I can have several windows (not tabs) open doing different things for troubleshooting purposes. One window would be incognito mode while another would be normal and now when I have both open all I see is the picture on the right. I must physically hover my mouse over the icon to see each window and get the one I want open… or I must have the windows smaller so they don’t take up the full screen so I can easily see them on my screen and click on them. If you are someone like me that runs a lot of applications when you are being productive you will end up pinning them to your taskbar for easy access and your taskbar will end up looking like this:

My Windows 11 Taskbar

As you can see it gets remarkably busy. It is nice that you can align it in the center or left, it would be nice if you could change where the taskbar is. I know my dad and a lot of other people, like to move the task bar either on the top, left or right sides which you cannot do anymore. Microsoft took that ability away with Windows 11 and that is a real shame.

Windows 11 Start Menu

Then when you do go to press on the start button to retrieve a different app than what you have pinned, you have the ridiculous pinned apps and recommend apps section instead of getting right into all the apps you currently have installed on your PC. You must click on “all apps” still to get there. The pinned apps in Windows 10 at least looked better because they all matched. Now, they just use the icons for the apps, and they do not match at all, and it looks ridiculous.

There are also no settings to get rid of the Recommended apps. It always recommends something you recently installed, in my case Twitter. Then some other apps and files you previously created/installed/had open. I have not used Git since I installed it and the other Screenshots are ones I created for this article. It makes no sense why they would be there. I just made them to add them to this article and then I deleted them from my PC. I don’t need them recommended! I wish SO BAD I could turn this section off. I NEVER use it.

I could go on and on about how much I hate this new start bar. From the limited size, to the mismatching of the icons, to the limitations and more. I just hate this start menu, bar, etc. so much.

The last thing that really REALLY grinds my gears is the fact that I can no longer print from my PC. All my printing has to be done from my husband’s Windows 10 PC, my iPad or our iPhones. No matter what option I try I cannot get my printer to connect. WPS does not seem to be an option, Wi-Fi Direct does not work, nor does it work when I type in the IP address of the Printer. It isn’t even that old of a printer. According to Google it was released and first made available for purchase on February 28, 2020. Less than 1 year and my printer is half useless because of a software update on my Windows PC. It makes no sense and really pisses me off.

The Conclusion

I am moving to MacOS as soon as I can easily afford to. I don’t play many games on my PC besides Pok√©mon Trading Card Game (which I can play on my iPad) and The Sims 4 (which works on MacOS just fine). So, I’m done with Windows land after this.

I cannot believe how much it fucked up my computer and how limited Microsoft is making it. I can’t wait to have my phone work with my iPad which both work with my PC just fine. Even Android doesn’t have that capability with Windows. You have to have a Samsung device with a specific app and then you may get your text notifications, file transfers and other notifications on your desktop. I used that about 2 years ago and it was glitchy as all hell.

I’m not a fan of Windows 11 and I cannot wait to get in the Apple walled garden and have my ONE FREAKING YEAR OLD PRINTER actually work with my MacBook. Like, what the actual hell.

I’m going to end my rant here. If you agree, let me know in the comments down below.

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